LIHI Publications:

The LIHI Experiment: Certifying ‘Green’ Hydropower Since 1999. 2016, Executive Director Michael Sale and Deputy Director Dana Hall

Certifying Hydropower for “Green” Energy Market: The Development, Implementation, and Future of the Low Impact Hydropower Certification Program; Lydia Grimm (LIHI’s first executive director), 2002


United States Department of Energy:

The Nature Conservancy:

The Power of Rivers – TNC – Executive Summary 2017

The Power of Rivers – TNC – 2017

Additional Publications:

Dams Have the Power to Slow Climate Change – Nature 02-2019

Sustainable hydropower in the 21st century – Emilio F. Moran et al – 2018

A Multiscale Approach to Balance Trade-offs Among Dam Infrastructure, River Restoration, and Cost by Roy et al. (2019)