Green Markets

LIHI Certification provides a credible standard that recognizes the environmental attributes of low impact hydroelectric facilities. For that reason, LIHI Certification is sometimes an option or a requirement for hydropower eligibility in certain renewable energy compliance programs, such as state Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) and/or Renewable Energy Standard (RES) programs, and as well as for Green-e Energy, the nation’s leading voluntary green power certification program.

On the pages for Compliance and Voluntary markets linked below, the Institute briefly describes the markets where the LIHI standard is in use. LIHI strives to monitor the activity in green markets however we have limited resources and our primary function is the operation of the Low Impact Certification Program. Therefore, this is not intended to be an exhaustive list and we encourage interested parties to access additional sources of policy data to verify and identify markets where the LIHI standard is used.

Legislative policy changes quickly, for information on renewable energy bills introduced in US states, visit the National Conference of State Legislatures’ Energy and Environment Legislation Tracking Database.

The Resources link also provides additional information and useful links on these topics.

LIHI is interested in tracking information in green markets. Please contact us if you are aware of any pending changes so that we can strive for accuracy in providing information about these rapidly changing markets.