Organization: Helios Centre (Quebec)

Phil Raphals

Philip Raphals is Cofounder and Executive Director of the Helios Centre. He has extensive experience in many aspects of sustainable energy policy, including least-cost energy planning, competitive market design, utility regulation (including transmission ratemaking) and green power certification. He is the author of numerous studies and reports and frequently appears as an expert witness in the regulatory arena. He has explored in detail the interaction between competition and regulation as well as the environmental implications of electricity trade.

Mr. Raphals is also an authority in the area of hydroelectricity and the environment. He was Assistant Scientific Coordinator for the Support Office of the Environmental Assessment of the Great Whale hydro project, and he authored a major study on the issue entitled Restructured Rivers: Hydropower in the Era of Competitive Energy Markets (2001). More recently, he reviewed the justification of Hydro-Québec’s Eastmain 1A/Rupert Diversion project, on behalf of the federal review panel and of the affected Cree communities.

Mr. Raphals holds degrees from Yale and Boston University.