Harrington Park, New Jersey (May 11, 2017) – The Low Impact Hydropower Institute has issued a Preliminary Certification Decision that the Slack Dam Hydroelectric Project continues to satisfy the LIHI Certification Criteria. The certification includes two facility-specific conditions as follows:

  • Condition 1.  If either the U.S. FWS or the state fisheries management agency requires the facility to provide upstream eel passage in the future, the owner shall notify LIHI within 30 days of receipt of such a notification.  The owner shall then consult with the requesting agency to develop plans to implement such upstream passage and provide LIHI with a copy of these plans no later than one year after receiving the notification.
  • Condition 2.  For the full term of the LIHI certification, the owner shall continue to operate the downstream fishway at Slack Dam in the spring from April 1 to June 15 and in the fall from September 15 to November 15 or as otherwise requested by the state fisheries agency.  This condition is associated with the 8-year extended term of the new certificate.

As provided for in Section 4.2.5 of the LIHI 2nd Edition Handbook, the Preliminary Certification Decision, along with the Application Reviewer’s report and (if prepared) report of the Executive Director, will be posted on the Institute’s Web page for 30 days.  Notice of the posting will be provided to all individuals or organizations that commented on the initial Application Package.

Any Commenter may submit a letter to the Executive Director requesting an appeal within the 30-day period which ends on June 11, 2017.  The appeal request must state specific reasons why the hydropower facility should have failed one or more criteria.  Only individuals or organizations that commented on the initial Application Package may file an appeal.  Further information about the LIHI appeal process is available in the LIHI Handbook, available at https://lowimpacthydro.org/certification-program-html/.

If no appeal is requested within the 30-day period, the Executive Director will issue LIHI Certification for the facility and post a notification of certification on the Institute’s website.  Once final, the effective certification date for the Slack Dam Project is February 28, 2016 for an eight (8) year term, which will expire on February 28, 2024.