The Tallassee Shoals Hydroelectric Project is located on the Middle Oconee River .5 miles downstream of GA Hwy 330 in Clarke and Jackson Counties, Georgia.  The original dam was constructed in 1895 and the current project was constructed in 1985.  Operations began in 1986.


Project Name Tallassee Shoals
LIHI Certificate Number 12
LIHI Effective and
Expiration Dates
April 23, 2014
April 23, 2019

Extended to August 23, 2019

Owner Tallassee Shoals LLC
State Georgia
Location Located on the Middle Oconee River, half a mile downstream of GA Highway 330 in Clarke and Jackson Counties, Georgia.
Installed Capacity 2.3 MW
Average Annual Generation 5,200 MWh
Facility Type Run-of-river
FERC No. 6951

There are two generating units, a 2.2 MW variable pitch Kaplan fed by a 400 yd headrace and a 100 KW submersible fixed pitch Kaplan built within the dam.  Both are operational but the 100 KW unit is rarely used due to its relative size and the manual labor required to clean its trash rake.  Operations are run of the river with a Georgia Environmental Protection Department required minimum flow between dam and tailrace of 57 cfs.  The minimum flow is maintained via computer control with continuous electronic record keeping.

Total available head is 52 feet with usable flows of between 200 and 800 cfs.  The dam is of concrete gravity construction is rated as low hazard.

Certification History

April 29, 2019: The Low Impact Hydropower Institute has received a complete application for Low Impact Recertification of the Tallassee Hydroelectric Project.  LIHI is seeking public comment on this application.  Specifically, we are interested in knowing whether you think the Project meets the LIHI Low Impact Certification Criteria, as revised in the 2nd Edition Handbook.  Please review the program and criteria in LIHI’s revised Handbook and then review the Project’s application materials below.

Comments that are directly tied to specific LIHI criteria (flows, water quality, fish passage, etc.) will be most helpful, but all comments will be considered.  Comments may be submitted to the Institute by e-mail at with “Methuen Falls Project Comments” in the subject line, or by mail addressed to the Low Impact Hydropower Institute, 329 Massachusetts Avenue, Suite 6, Lexington, MA 02420.  Comments must be received on or before 5 pm Eastern time on June 28, 2019 to be considered.  All comments will be posted to the web site and the applicant will have an opportunity to respond.  Any response will also be posted.

September 12, 2014: The Tallassee Shoals Hydroelectric Project has been certified for a third five year term of low impact certification, effective April 23, 2014 and expiring April 23, 2019.  This certification includes the following project-specific condition:

Condition satisfied in 2017 (due to no restoration activity in the project vicinity). There are active and evolving efforts to restore migratory fish populations in the Oconee River basin that may eventually interact with the facility at some point in the future.  Therefore, the owner shall monitor the progress of these efforts on a regular and continuing basis, and participate in them when appropriate.  Fish species of concern include the robust redhorse, but also all anadromous, catadromous, and diadromous species in the basin as well as state-listed, riverine species such as the Althamaha shiner.  Both state and federal fisheries resource management agencies are involved in the recovery efforts, so strong relations with all must be maintained between the owner and the agencies.  The owner shall submit a summary report to LIHI on an annual basis, describing the current status of these efforts, the relation between those efforts and the vicinity of the Tallassee Shoals facility, and how the owner is participating in them.  This report shall accompany the annual compliance statement to LIHI.

May 30, 2014: LIHI received a comment letter from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service regarding the recertification of the Tallassee Shoals Hydroelectric Project. The letter is available to read in full in the “Files” section below.

April 3, 2014: The Low Impact Hydropower Institute has received an application for a third term of certification of the Tallassee Shoals Project. The current certificate is scheduled to expire on April 23, 2014, but LIHI is extending the term to June 30, 2014, to allow for a period of public comment on the application.

August 27, 2009: The Tallassee Shoals Hydroelectric Project has been certified as low impact for a second five year term, effective April 23, 2009 and expiring April 23, 2014.

February 27, 2009: Tallassee Shoals LLC has submitted an application for recertification of the Tallassee Shoals Project. It was initially certified on July 22, 2004.

July 28, 2004: The Tallassee Shoals Hydroelectric Project has been certified as low impact for a five year term, effective April 23, 2004 and expiring April 23, 2009.



2019 Recertification

2014 Recertification