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LIHI is proud to announce our Indiegogo campaign designed to raise funds for the construction and implementation of a new online application portal (LIHI Online) to manage the Low Impact Hydropower Certification application process as well as a more sophisticated data base and workflow management system for all LIHI program information.  LIHI Online will provide varying levels of access to a range of stakeholders:

  • Project applicants and owners would have secure log in to access to their own accounts, to complete the LIHI application materials, upload supporting documentation, update changes to contact information and access all stored files pertaining to their certification(s) at all phases of the certificate process.
  • Staff will be able to access all project accounts to perform a range of duties, including processing new applications, billing and account updates, annual compliance review and more.
  • Independent Reviewers will be provided with access to individual accounts as they are assigned application review tasks.
  • Environmental NGOs and Resource Agency Staff will be offered access to valuable aggregate information about river ecosystems that LIHI collects through our certification program.

LIHI Online will also interface with LIHI’s website to ensure that the information displayed on the website is accurate and current.

Please visit the campaign today and make a contribution!  Indiegogo only accepts credit card or paypal, but LIHI is receiving donations via check.  Please contact Dana Hall at for more information.

Click HERE to visit the campaign.