For New Applications using the 2nd Edition Handbook

In order to assist applicants who are the first to adopt the 2nd Edition Certification Handbook and its new procedures, LIHI will offer a one-time waiver of application fees.

The first two Intake applications (normally a $950 fee) and the first two recertification applications (normally a $2,000 fee) received in 2016 will be processed by LIHI for free.

UPDATE:  All fee waivers have already been spoken for!

In addition to the fee waiver, LIHI staff will provide additional assistance in the preparation of draft applications that are consistent with the new Handbook.

As a requirement to participate in this pilot, the products of these first applications will be used as case study examples of how to use the revised criteria and the new Handbook’s procedures, subject to agreement with the applicants.

This fee waiver does not apply to the Certification Application review fee that follow the Intake phase or to Stage II recertification processing.

Please contact Mike Sale, LIHI Executive Director, for more information: 865-719-4794,