The Middlebury Lower Project is located on the Lower Falls of the Otter Creek roughly one mile downstream from Middlebury village in the towns of Middlebury and Weybridge, in Addison County, Vermont. The impoundment extends almost 1.0 mile upstream to the Upper Falls at the center of Middlebury Village. The Sutherland Falls Project (FERC No. 2558) is located approximately 37 miles upstream, and the Beldens Project is located approximately 4 miles downstream.

Project Name Middlebury Lower
LIHI Certificate Number 99
LIHI Effective and Expiration Dates February 6, 2012
February 6, 2017
(extended to August 6, 2017)
Owner Central Vermont Public Service Corporation
State Vermont
Location Located on the Lower Falls of the Otter Creek, roughly one mile downstream from Middlebury Village in the towns of Middlebury and Weybridge in Addison County, Vermont.
Installed Capacity 2.25 MW
Average Annual Generation 8,300 MWH (10 year average)
Facility Type Run-of-river
FERC No. 2737

Two concrete gravity dams impound the east and west river channels that diverge around a small island. The dam is 30 feet high and 478 feet long, with two ogee spillway sections, a 123-foot long western spillway section, and a 260-foot long eastern spillway section. The reservoir impounds 16 acres, with a normal water surface elevation of 314.5 feet above mean sea level (msl). The intake canal is 400 feet long, 40 feet wide, and controlled by a gate structure containing two 23-foot wide, 13-foot high gates.

The powerhouse is located at the downstream end of the intake canal, and equipped with steel trashracks having a 1.75 inch clear spacing. Three Francis turbine units provide a total installed capacity of 2.25 MW.  Generator leads and transformers connect the Project to the interconnected transmission/distribution system at the switchyard located 100 feet east of the powerhouse.

The Middlebury Lower Project is operated as a run-of-river facility. The impoundment elevation typically fluctuates not more than 1 inch from the crest elevation of 314.5 feet during normal operation, and water generally spills over the crest of the dam. Project operation relies upon inflows from upstream developments and the 628 square miles of the Otter Creek drainage basin.


Middlebury Lower east west dams

Middlebury Lower – east and west dams

Middlebury Lower powerhouse

Middlebury Lower Powerhouse

Certification History

December 16, 2016: The Middlebury Lower Hydroelectric project has been granted an extension of the current certificate term. The new expiration date is August 6, 2017. See extension letter for explanation below.

November 29, 2012: The Middlebury Lower Project has been certified as low impact for a five-year term, effective February 6, 2012 and expiring February 6, 2017.

April 6, 2012: Public comment period on application has closed.

February 6, 2012: Central Vermont Public Service (CVPS) has submitted an application for the certification of its Middlebury Lower Project. Public comment period on application has opened.



2012 Certification