Dana Hall



Dana Hall has been the Director of Operations of the Low Impact Hydropower Institute since January 2017, and prior to that she served as Deputy Director since February 1, 2013.  She first joined the Governing Board as Secretary in October 2009. Before joining LIHI as staff, Dana Hall practiced law in New York and New Jersey, offering legal and regulatory support services for a range of clean energy clientele. With experience as an energy policy analyst and educator, tracking energy policy developments at the state regional and national level, Dana also taught Solar Policy and Economics, as well as other courses at The Cooper Union School of Continuing Education, Green Building Design Program. Ms. Hall has been an advisor with M.J. Beck Consulting, a firm that provides analysis services to clients in the energy industry. As the Energy Policy Coordinator at the Pace Energy and Climate Center from 2008 – 2010, Dana managed and contributed to a range of projects related to renewable energy, distribution resource planning, standby rates, demand response, and energy efficiency, particularly affecting the solar, combined heat and power, hydroelectric generation and building industries. In her role at Pace she chaired and organized conferences including “PACE at Pace: A Property Assessed Clean Energy Financing Symposium”, and “Illuminating Solar Finance: Shedding Light on the Elements of Financing Solar Projects.” She also contributed to the submission of Comments to regulatory bodies in New York and New Jersey on matters affecting the distributed generation markets for the CHP and solar industries. Dana Hall has a J.D. from Pace University School of Law (2008), a Master of Arts in Environmental Conservation Education from New York University (2000), and a Bachelor of Arts in Music from The Ohio State University.