Harrington Park, New Jersey (April 1, 2014) – LIHI is pleased to announce that Littleville Power Company, Inc. (LPC), a subsidiary of ENEL Green Power North America, Inc. has submitted an application for Certification of its Glendale Hydroelectric Project. The Glendale Project was first issued a 30-year minor license by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) on November 23, 1979. The Glendale Project received a subsequent license from the FERC on August 19, 2009 as FERC Project No. 2801, which expires on November 1, 2049. The Glendale Project currently has 1.14 MW of installed capacity at a four unit powerhouse development. The new operating license authorizes installation of a 165 kW unit at the dam for a future installed capacity of 1.305 MW.LPC has begun installation of the new generation unit with expected completion by April 2014.

To read the entire description and review all documents related to the Holtwood Application for LIHI Certification, please click  HERE